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So, I saw Divergent on Friday…

and I can’t lie: it was amazing.

I went in with super low expectations. I re-read the books earlier in the week to prepare myself and honestly expected the worst, especially based on the crappy reviews it was getting.

Let’s be real for a minute – Shailene Woodley was not my first choice for Tris. Whenever I think of her, I just picture her from the seemingly awful ABC Family show where she is pregnant.

Sidenote: during the movie I realized that poor Shai and I have the same hair type: thick, heavy, and wavy. Makes me like her more. 😉

See all that hair? Girl I RELATE.


I had no idea who Theo James was before this and he didn’t seem to “have it” either when the casting annoucement was made.

People, I was W R O N G. They both were fantastic! Maybe not quite as badass as the Tris and Four I pictured in my head but they were really dang good.

The world looked perfect. The other characters were perfect (except for Peter but we’ll get to that). Even the book to screen adaptation went well!

I was pleasantly surprised at how well the movie explained things; I saw the movie with my mom who hadn’t read the books and I was kinda worried she would have no clue what was going on but gurlfriend picked up on everything right away and even called the ending. Nice job, movie!

What I didn’t like?: PETER. Holy crap. He was my #1 problem with the movie.

Look at this man’s face… does he look EVIL and AWFUL to you? No. Not at all.


The incredible hatred for Peter that I felt during the book was simply not on screen. Yeah, he was a jerk and snarky but he kinda just reminded me of the spoiled pretty-boys I went to high school with.

I know I said that the book to screen adaptation went well (and it did!) but I so wish Tris’ tattoo had been explained. That scene with Tori is kinda a big deal and I wish we had seen the reason for Tris’ choice.

Bonus Points:

Maggie Q. You gorgeous, perfect Dauntless woman.

Scruffy, swoony men. I’m looking at you, FOUR!

All in all – I LOVED it. You should see it. Like right now. Drool over Four for me!