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Booking Through Thursday: Nightmare Cast

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme about (mostly) books and reading!

This Week’s Question: And, the reverse–which actors have been particularly badly cast in roles of characters you first met in the pages of a book? Do you blame the actors or the writers and other film-people for the failure? Who would you have cast instead?

My Answer: Okay, this is probably the most unpopular opinion of all time and I *can’t* believe I’m going to admit it buutttt… Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter. ::Flamesuit ON::

Breathe, folks, and let me explain.

I can’t imagine a different actor playing Harry (or is that just because he was the one cast..? HM!?) and on the whole, Mr. Radcliffe did a fantastic job. He looked the part (minus the eyes – such a huge deal in the books!), he portrayed all the complexity perfectly, etc.

My biggest problem? Book Harry Potter is SASSY and funny. Movie Potter? Not as much…

Now, I understand this has little to do with Daniel and more to do with the script, writers, the director but I’m going to be honest, I missed Sassy Potter. Every summer I re-read the series (creature of habit) and always remember how much I prefer Book Potter over Movie Potter.

Don’t get me wrong: Daniel Radcliffe IS Harry Potter and I can’t think of a re-cast but I so wish that Daniel/the writers made Harry the Sassy Harry that us book fans all came to love.

So, have I been disowned, blogging world? 😉